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Microneedling with Radiofrequency is an advanced aesthetic procedure that combines the benefits of traditional microneedling with the skin-tightening effects of radiofrequency technology. During the treatment, fine needles create micro-injuries in the skin’s surface, promoting collagen and elastin production. Radiofrequency energy is delivered into the deeper layers of the skin, promoting further collagen remodeling. This dual-action approach enhances skin texture, reduces fine lines, and tightens sagging areas. The versatility of this procedure allows it to address various places, including the face, neck, décolletage, and hands, making it a comprehensive solution for overall skin rejuvenation.

This treatment is suitable for individuals seeking non-surgical facial and skin rejuvenation. Ideal candidates are those experiencing mild to moderate signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. Results are noticeable after the first session, with optimal improvements in the weeks following the treatment series. The longevity of results varies, but many patients enjoyed the benefits for up to a year. With minimal downtime and few side effects, individuals can return to regular activities shortly after the procedure. Before scheduling Microneedling with Radiofrequency, it’s recommended to consult with a skincare professional to discuss pre- and post-treatment care. Elevate your beauty routine with this cutting-edge procedure at Apres Beauty and Wellness in Sparta, NJ, and unlock a radiant and youthful complexion. Call now to book your appointment.

Benefits of Face and Body Treatment:

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Enhances overall skin firmness
  • Minimizes pore size
  • Addresses acne scars
  • Provides a non-surgical facelift alternative
  • Boosts natural skin radiance
  • Suitable for various skin types


Individuals with mild to moderate signs of aging.

Noticeable improvements are often seen after the first session.

Results can last up to a year, depending on individual factors.

Minimal downtime and few side effects allow a quick return to daily activities.

Consult with a skincare professional for personalized pre- and post-treatment care guidelines.

The procedure involves fine needles creating micro-injuries and radiofrequency energy delivery for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

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